/10 really good hidden gem apps for Android!

10 really good hidden gem apps for Android!

A screenshot of Astrid Tasks, one of the best hidden gem apps for android
We talk about a lot of apps and games. However, some apps simply get more press and attention than others. For instance, everybody knows about Nova Launcher or Google Keep Notes. Both apps are excellent choices. However, there are a metric ton of apps that people simply don’t talk about all that often. There are thousands of good ones so this is by no means a definitive list of hidden gems. For now, here are ten good hidden gem apps for Android! Feel free to add your own to the comment section!

App Hoarder is a fun start to this list. It keeps track of apps and games that go free on the Play Store for a limited time. This helps you pick up some great apps and games that you may not otherwise think to get because it costs money. The app can filter specific types of apps, send you notifications when new ones are on sale, and every app is in the Play Store. Thus, there are no third party app stores to deal with. This, along with Google Opinion Rewards, are the two best ways to pick up premium content for free on the Play Store.

App Hoarder

The password manager space is dominated by names like Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password, and others. However, there is another decent contender with Bitwarden. This password manager has a decent design and mostly modern features. It uses AES-256 encryption and also contains a random password generator along with syncing features. There is also a TOTP two-factor authentication function in the app for those of you who want extra security. The app is 100% free and open source. Plus, you can get extensions for your desktop browser as well.


Bouncer may be the most criminally underrated app on this list with just over 10,000 installs according to Google Play. This is a permission management app that lets you have much more granular control over your smartphone and its apps. You can temporarily grant access to permissions and the app automatically revokes them later. That way you can use all of the features of all of your apps, but you don’t have to commit to them knowing things like your location all the time. It’s a paltry $0.99 and it’s arguably the best security app for any Android phone.


Inware is a helpful app for power users. It gives you a bunch of information about your device, including its pre-loaded Android version, whether or not it supports Treble and seamless updates, the hardware info, camera details, and a lot more. The UI is super clean and easy to read. In addition, it’s entirely free with no in-app purchases along with support for many languages. If you want to know more about your phone, we think you should start here. Castro is another great app for this sort of thing.


MiXplorer Silver

Price: $4.49

MiXplorer Silver is a file browser that does almost everything. It can do all of the basics like unpacking files and moving stuff around to other folders. However, what makes this one special is the plugin support. For instance, the MiX Archive plugin adds support for over two dozen archive file types. The app also includes a PDF reader add-on, a file tagger add-on, and a meta-data add-on. There is even a plugin for media codecs. It’s a bit expensive, but all of the plugins are free after the main purchase. This is easily one of the best file browsers and it does far more than most of its competitors.

MiXplorer Silver

Simple Mobile Tools (several apps)

Price: $0.99 each

Simple Mobile Tools is a developer on Google Play with a bunch of basic apps, including a calendar, drawing pad, gallery, contacts, and file manager. These apps all do different things, but share a similar philosophy. They are all cheap, open source, and require no unnecessary permissions to run. They also don’t have ads, additional in-app purchases outside of the purchase price, and they are all very easy to use. These are excellent alternatives to heavier apps in the same categories for those who just want something simple that works. The only downside is without all of the extras, the experience can feel a bit basic.

Simple Mobile Tools (several apps)

SpotAngels is an excellent app for crowded cities. The app performs a number of functions, but they all have a similar premise. You can find free parking, where to not park to avoid tickets, and you can find where you parked you car without much of a hassle. It’s available in many major cities around the U.S. and most of the information is crowd-sourced. Anyone living in a big city or traveling to one should at least try this.



Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Tasks is a to-do list app that is actually a clone of an older, more popular to-do list app from Yahoo. The app features a solid Material Design UI, all of the basic to-do list functions, and a price tag well below most competitors. The app also features CalDAV support, theming, Tacker support, and more. This is an excellent option for people who want the beauty of a full-featured to-do list app but don’t want to get sucked into a yearly subscription like most other famous to-do list apps.



Price: $1.99

TouchRetouch is a photography app. It lets you remove small, obtrusive bits from photographs to make them look better. You can remove power lines, signs, wall imperfections, and other minor things. It won’t fix a catastrophe, but the nice little touch-ups it does work quite well. This is, by the downloads, the most popular app on this list, but we still hardly ever see anyone talking about it. It works extremely well as a secondary tool for mobile photographers. You can also get this app from the Microsoft App Store, iTunes, and the Mac App Store if you want it elsewhere.


Price: Free / $1.99

Walpy is a fun little wallpaper app. It’s a photography style wallpaper app and it sources its info from Unsplash. You can select the ones you like or the app can switch them automatically for you. It can set a new wallpaper every day. However, unlike most, it waits until your phone is on a charger or connected to WiFi before it does so. There are some excellent wallpapers here and the automatic switching worked fine in our testing.


If we missed any great hidden gem apps for Android, tell us about it in the comments! We may feature it in our next version of this list! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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