/Dhoni seen changing bat stickers | MS Dhoni | Dhoni

Dhoni seen changing bat stickers | MS Dhoni | Dhoni

MS Dhoni, former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team was recently seen using different brand stickers in the tournament so far…


Captain cool, in the match against England and Bangladesh was seen using his bat with the SG logo and by the end of the matches was seen bating with a BAS logo. Before a controversy comes up let’s just clear this now that Dhoni does not currently have any brand sponsor for which cricketers usually charge 4-5 crores.

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Mahi’s manager, Arun Pandey, made it clear in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror that Dhoni is not charging any brands for using their logo on his bats but, is doing this to pay gratitude to all the brands for supporting him in all the different stages of his great career. He has proved that money is not the end of all.

This goodwill gesture from Dhoni has yet again won our hearts.

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After this gesture from Captain Cool, people are now wondering if the rumors of his retirement are true… They know that his gesture might also be because he is appearing on the field for the last time in his career. It is hard for his fans to digest that he might soon not be playing for the country after he retires. Well, let’s just hope that these are rumors and we get to see more of Mahi on the field with our Indian Team for as long as possible. Although, this really is the last World Cup of his career.

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