/Dimple touches Maya’s feet at UP rally, she calls her bahu

Dimple touches Maya’s feet at UP rally, she calls her bahu

KANNAUJ: A week after SP patriarch
Mulayam Singh Yadav heaped praise on
Mayawati at a joint rally in
Mainpuri, SP president Akhilesh Yadav’s wife
Dimple touched the BSP chief’s feet. Mayawati reciprocated by calling her ‘bahu’ (daughterin-law) at a huge rally at
Kannauj on Thursday.

Mayawati blessed Dimple, who is the gathbandhan candidate from Kannauj, and said both SP and BSP should work hard to ensure a resounding victory for her. The message was loud and clear to people and cadre — the bonding between the two parties is strong, and is here to stay.

The public display of familial affection at the seventh joint rally was aimed at consolidating the alliance at the grassroots and reap the harvest in the next four phases.

“After the gathbandhan, I whole-heartedly accept her as my daughter-in-law and just like a member of my own family. It’s all because
Akhilesh Yadav gives me so much respect, just like an elder in the family. I, too, have a very special bonding with his wife and I am confident it will continue in future. Now, it’s your duty to vote for her. Earlier, she had won by a close margin, this time make her win by lakhs of votes,” said Mayawati.

Akhilesh has been cultivating the alliance, even at the cost of compromising in seat sharing, to dislodge BJP.


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